About Us

Mission Statement

We grow, nurture, and respect plants, people, and the beautiful planet that supports us all.

Intermountain Nursery

Intermountain Nursery was founded in 1980, in the Sierra foothills of Central California. Ray Laclergue and Bonnie Bladen founded the nursery and educated generations of gardeners on the benefits of using native plants. They advocated for proper land restoration and showcased the beauty that California native plants.

After celebrating 40 years of business in 2020, Ray & Bonnie sold the nursery to long time friends Bev & Chris Schubert, who have continued the tradition of growing California Native Plants. A few changes have been made, but the essence of the nursery remains the same. We propagate much of what we sell, we support people in learning about and growing native plants, we sell garden supplies and bedding plants and we are a resource and gathering place for community.

Our Nursery

Operating on about 5 acres, the nursery has evolved through the years to become the principle grower of California Native Plants in the Central Valley area. There are demonstration gardens on the grounds that highlight native plants and other drought tolerant species. These gardens are evolve and change but always display many plants most appropriate for growing in our climate. We have two greenhouses, multiple cold frames, a shade house, a dedicated conifer growing house and a variety of outside growing areas with different exposures that allow us to propagate a wide variety of species.

Dudleya cymosa ssp. cymosa “Canyon Liveforever”
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