Availability Lists

There are a number of plants available at Intermountain Nursery. Our supply ranges from fruit and shade trees to conifers and various shrubs, both native and non-native. We provide plants for high elevation gardens, as well as for those in the valley and farther.

We are a “growing nursery” meaning a majority of our 1 Gallon stock and bedding plants are propagated and grown right here at Intermountain. Plants like Manzanita, Sage, Ceanothus, Oak, and Penstemon are just a few examples of what we grow ourselves from both cuttings and seeds. We do not receive regular plant shipments, but we will bring in specific items from other nurseries

In mid-January we receive all our berries and fruit trees for that year from a specialty nursery in Central California. The time between mid-January to mid-March is a time that we call “bareroot season”. A bareroot tree is a dormant tree that is free of soil, without a container, and healed into a sand bin to maintain dormancy. This allows for trees to be planted with ease and establish into their new spaces quicker! As trees begin to leaf out in early spring they are removed from the sand and potted into large containers to continue their growth. Intermountian Nursery is one of the few nurseries in the valley that still does a bareroot season!

Around that same time period we will also receive any ornamental trees for the year such as Crepe Myrtle and Dogwood. For those planting at a higher elevation, 4,500 feet and above, we recommend waiting until June 1st and wrapping up any remain projects around the end of September. We cation all high elevation customers, in our area, of the notorious last minute freeze around Memorial Day. This freeze can be deadly to any new plantings! For trees going to elevations about 4,500 feet, like Shaver Lake, we recommend pre-paying for your tree and returning to pick up AFTER this threat of freeze has passed. The staff at Intermountain Nursery will care for your tree and update you when it is safe to plant.

Please call or email us for more information!

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