High Elevation

Every year, from June 1st to mid-September, you can view our “High Elevation Plant Display”. This display highlights our best available options for High Elevation yards and gardens. We consider anything above 4,500 feet to be high elevation.

In our area, neighborhoods such as: Alder Springs, Shaver Springs, Cressman’s Rd, Dogwood Mountain, Applewood, Crystal Creek, Ockenden Ranch, Musick Creek, The Point, West Village, Shaver Lake, Tamarack Ridge, Huntington Lake, and other surrounding areas are ALL considered high elevation.

We recommend for all high elevation planting be begin AFTER June 1st due to historically devastating freezes for 4,500 feet, around Memorial Day Weekend. We recommend completing your planting by Mid-September. You want your plants to be somewhat established before snow begins to fall in late November. The window for planting in these areas is short, but its important to stay within that window of time to ensure the best success for your plant.

Below is our 2023 recommendations for high elevation planting. Bring a copy with you, or view on your phone, while you walk the nursery!


Eddies White Wonder Dogwood. Intermountain Nursery 2023
Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood. Taken @ Intermountain Nursery April 2023.

Check out our policy page for more information on our High Elevation Policy.

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