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Welcome to Intermountain Nursery!

Here at Intermountain we are committed to providing both California native and non-native plants, that are grown in a respectful, sustainable way.

We are a “growing nursery” meaning a majority of our 1 Gallon stock and bedding plants are propagated and grown on location, here at Intermountain. Plants like Manzanita, Sage, Ceanothus, Oak, and Penstemon are just a few examples of what we grow ourselves from both cuttings and seeds. We do not receive regular plant shipments, but we will bring in specific items from other nurseries.

We are located along the confluence of Little Sandy and Big Sandy Creeks, at about 1700 feet in elevation. Due to the convergence of these two waterways, we receive cool overnight temperatures, which provides a perfect location to grow plants that will become established at various locations. Our plants can be planted from the Valley floor to 10,000 ft. elevation.

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    In this post we go over some basic pointers about planting. We’ll quickly explain the importance of drainage, plant requirements, plant selection, and aftercare.

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