Classes & Workshops

“Painting in the Garden” Class
“Beginners Beekeeping” Class

There is more going on than just plants at Intermountain!

Seasonal classes such as creating live wreaths, botanical wind chimes, and painting are often held here!

Workshops on topics like beekeeping, land restoration, and erosion control.

Although we no longer hold the Harvest Arts and Peace Festival here at the nursery we still try to provide a space for artisans to showcase their creations.

These small scale vendors fairs are usually held in early spring and again in late fall.

Weekends at the nursery are sometimes accompanied by Loretzeria and Neen’s Sweets.

Music On The Creek

Nestled close to the creek you will find our stage.

During the warmer months we enjoy hosting Music On The Creek.

Many friends, and family, have graced our stage! We try to host these shows on the third Saturday of the month, from July to November.

From 6 – 9pm, once the heat of the day has passed, we invite everyone to let their hair down and enjoy the music!

Bring your favorite ice chest or party dish. Lounge at the tables and enjoy yourself as music floats on the breeze!

If you would like to be a vendor, lead a class/workshop, perform on our stage, or use us as your venue, drop us a line! We are always interested in supporting our community, other small businesses, artisans, educators, and musicians!

Please send all relevant information and photos to

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